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The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir Release Charity Single Featuring Mr Eddie Chaloner

Mr Eddie Chaloner, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Radiance Health and at University Hospital Lewisham NHS Trust, has been singing for The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir since February 2012, when it was first formed. Since then, the choral group has gone a long way, performing a number of concerts across the UK, including the Brandenburg […]

Mr Eddie Chaloner comments on new NICE guidelines on varicose veins

Mr Eddie Chaloner, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Radiance Health, welcomes and fully supports the new National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’s (NICE) guidelines on varicose veins.NICE acknowledges what Radiance Health’s team has maintained for an entire decade – open surgery should be the last resort for varicose veins, so patients should be offered heat or […]

Radiance Health lead the expansion of beneden hospital’s varicose veins service

The Radiance Health team are leading the expansion of beneden hospital’s varicose veins service. Thanks to Mr Eddie Chaloner and Mr Aaron Sweeney, beneden hospital is now the UK’s largest user of a special gold tip laser fiber, which enables the very latest technology to treat the condition. The Never Touch fibers are used in the […]

Free Open Evenings – Find out all you want to know about veins

Dr Eddie Chaloner and Dr Aaron Sweeney will host three open evenings to talk about veins. Anyone will be able to participate (for free) and ask questions related to veins. Dates and locations are as follow: 20th March – Hastings Bannatynes Spa , Battle Rd, TN38 8EA 10th April – Ashford International Hotel, Simone Weil […]

Eddie Chaloner urges men to seek advice on varicose veins

Eddie Chaloner was featured in two publications this week as he urges men to seek advice regarding varicose veins. It is often wrongly believed that varicose veins only affect middle aged women, and are only a cosmetic problem. Eddie Chaloner has been trying to dispel this myth as reported in This Is Local London and […]

Eddie Chaloner Recognised as One of Britain’s 250 Best Doctors in the Tatler Doctor’s Guide 2013

Eddie Chaloner Recognised as One of Britain’s 250 Best Doctors in the Tatler Doctor’s Guide 2013 Consultant vascular surgeon Eddie Chaloner has been nominated as one of Britain’s 250 best doctors in the Tatler Doctor’s Guide 2013, as voted by a board of renowned GPs and fellow consultants. Eddie Chaloner practices at BMI The Blackheath […]

Eddie Chaloner Featured in The Tatler Doctors Guide 2013

Tatler Logo

Consultant Vascular Surgeon Mr Eddie Chaloner practice at BMI The Blackheath Hospital and BMI Chelsfield Park Hospital has been selected, by a panel of distinguished GPs and fellow consultants, to be included in a guide to Britain’s 250 best doctors. Produced as a supplement by Tatler magazine, the ‘Doctors Guide’, now in its fourth edition, […]

Eddie Chaloner comments on Leg Ulcer Treatment for the Daily Mail

Eddie Chaloner recently commented on the use of Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of Leg Ulcers. Read the full story here.  

Radiance Health Varicose Vein Lecture in Tunbridge wells

On Weds 21st November Eddie Chaloner and Aaron Sweeney held an open evening for the public in Tunbridge Wells to discuss and explain the latest advances in minimally invasive surgery for varicose veins. Members of the public were able to hear the surgeons describe in detail the process of vein surgery and there was a […]

Free varicose veins open evening in Kent

Varicose Veins

Radiance Health surgeons Eddie Chaloner and Aaron Sweeney are presenting a free varicose veins open evening in Tunbridge Wells on Wednesday, November 21st. Full details can be found at the link below:

Daily Mail article on preparing for surgery


‘What are the simple steps you should follow ahead of surgery?’

Daily Mail article on varicose veins


‘Why won’t the NHS treat varicose veins any more?’

Mail on Sunday article on how to thin your blood


‘If you are over 65, at risk of a heart attack, stroke or are diabetic, then having slightly thinner blood than normal might be beneficial.’

Healthy magazine article on improving your circulation


‘Go with the flow – poor circulation can lead to a host of problems, follow our expert guide to keep yours flowing freely for healthier living’.

Me and my operation: My varicose veins were cured in the time it takes to brush your teeth


‘I’ve always tried to keep in shape, but staying slim and fit hasn’t prevented varicose veins developing in my legs, from the groin area to the calf.’

The gold-tipped laser that zaps varicose veins in minutes – so why are NHS patients still being given a painful procedure that costs the same?


‘Caroline Gard was on a walking holiday in New Zealand when she noticed the front of her right shin had suddenly become very red and inflamed.’

Fast and minimally invasive: The pain-free cure for varicose veins


‘Sally Cooke is one NHS patient to benefit from a new, fast and minimally invasive procedure.’

The women left with bloated limbs when the body’s plumbing goes haywire


‘Donna Hughes was tired after a long day on her feet and had been drinking afterwards with her colleagues. But nothing could have prepared her for the sight of her leg as she got ready for bed.’